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This listing is for a set of Vermiculite Firebricks for a 'Mendip Churchill 6 MK1' stove.

The set contains 2 Back, 2 Side, 2 Base, 1 Rear Base and 1 Baffle Vermiculite Firebricks.

Back Brick = 30mm x 235mm x 188mm (per brick)
Side Brick = 30mm x 340mm x 250mm (per brick)
Base Brick = 30mm x 250mm x 67mm (per brick)
Rear Base Brick = 30mm x 278mm x 38mm
Baffle Brick = 30mm x 438mm x 256mm

The fire brick provides fire resistance, insulation and thermal stability and is rated for temperatures up to 1100°c.

All our vermiculite fire bricks are cut from Premium Quality Vermiculite Boards which are ideal for use in woodburning and multi-fuel stoves.

We advise when replacing your fire bricks that you replace the full set.

Mendip Churchill 6 MK1 Vermiculite Fire Brick Set

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