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HD Stove Glass UK FAQ's

What type of glass is used for a wood burning stove?

Ceramic glass is the only type of stove glass that should be used for wood burning stoves where the temperature might exceed 260 degrees Celsius. Heat resistant high definition ceramic glass is less likely to shatter with dramatic temperature changes than tempered glass.

What is stove glass?

Stove glass is not made of normal glass that you might find in a window but is made of ceramic glass which is basically a ceramic see through material that does not contract and expand under dramatic changes in temperature.

What is best for cleaning stove glass?

Clean off any excess soot from your glass using warm soapy water. You can then polish the glass using equal parts water and vinegar and some kitchen roll to shine up the glass inside.

Can I use my wood stove with cracked glass?

Using a woodburning stove with cracked glass can be very dangerous indeed. Not only have you got the risk of the glass exploding but your stove may also leak poisonous and harmful gasses into the room. Make sure if your stove glass cracks that you have it replaced before use.

Can the glass on a stove be replaced?

Stoves have a special type of ceramic glass that is different from normal glass you might find in a window. Ceramic stove glass if it cracks or is broken can be replaced from a reputable HD stove glass replacement company.

Why is the glass on my wood burner going black?

One of the main reasons your wood burner ceramic stove glass might be going black after burning is due to using unseasoned and untreated wood. Wood that still carries moisture and hasn’t been ‘kiln dried’ will create excessive smoke when it burns, this will build up on your stove glass and cause it to go black.